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General information

What is Unexpected Journey?

Unexpected Journey is the introduction week for students of the study programmes of the Academy for Leisure & Events and the Academy for Tourism of Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas). Every year between 650 and 750 students of the various programmes take part in the introduction week. This year Unexpected Journey will take place from Tuesday 27 August up to and including Friday 30 August 2024. This is the final week before the start of lectures. 

The goal of Unexpected Journey

The Unexpected Journey introduction week is organised to prepare you as a BUas student-to-be for your time as a student in Breda as well as possible. During the introduction week you will get to know your classmates and fellow students, the lecturers, our campus and the beautiful student city of Breda! 

No hazing

Breda University of Applied Sciences thinks that an unforgettable introduction week for all students is very valuable. For this reason, it is organised by both students and university staff. The programme consists of various activities which are accessible to all participants. It is important to emphasise that the Unexpected Journey introduction week has nothing to do with hazing. 

Hopjes and Hoppassen

Nice to know: Unexpected Journey has a long-standing tradition where all first-year students who participate in induction week are called Hopjes. Now we can already hear you thinking: ‘What is a Hopje?’ We will therefore explain that briefly. The name comes from the Mgr Hopmansstraat on which the BUas campus is located. The supervisors, also known as the ‘babysitters’ of the Hopjes, are called Hoppassen. These Hoppassen will stay with you and your classmates throughout the introduction week. 

By the way, you will just be addressed by your first name during the introduction. The word Hopje will only appear on your introduction shirt.