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General information

What is Unexpected Journey?

Unexpected Journey is the introduction week for students of the Breda University of Applied Sciences’ (BUas) programmes which are part of the Leisure & Events and Tourism domains. Every year between 700 and 800 students of the various programmes take part in the introduction week. This year’s Unexpected Journey will take place from Tuesday 30 August up to and including Friday 2 September 2022. This is the final week before the start of lectures.

The Unexpected Journey introduction week is organised to optimally prepare prospective BUas students for their time as a student in Breda. During the introduction week, you will get to know your classmates and fellow students, the lecturers, our campus and the beautiful student-city of Breda!

Breda University of Applied Sciences thinks that an unforgettable introduction week for all students is very valuable. For this reason, it is organised by both students and university staff. The programme consists of various activities which are accessible to all participants. It is important to emphasise that the Unexpected Journey introduction week is not hazing.