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General conditions

Breda University of Applied Sciences

Every year the Unexpected Journey organisation welcomes new students. In order to introduce the students to the city of Breda, Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) and their fellow students, the Unexpected Journey organisation offers many different activities. These terms and conditions have been created for the Unexpected Journey introduction week and the participating programmes of the Tourism and Leisure & Events domains.

These terms and conditions apply when you take part in the Breda University of Applied Science’s Unexpected Journey 2022 introduction week. By registering for the introduction week participants automatically consent to the following terms and conditions. It is therefore only possible to take part in the introduction week when you agree to the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions use the following terms:

  • Participant: a new first-year student or senior student who takes part in the introduction week’s programme. This also includes collaborative partners and suppliers of goods and/or services who are hired by the introduction week’s organisation.
  • Introduction week organisation: the organisation of the Breda University of Applied Sciences Unexpected Journey 2022 introduction week;
  • Introduction week: the full programme which has been created by the introduction week’s organisation from the start of setting up on 25 August 2022 to the end of clearing up on 5 September 2022.
  • Event site: the site and/or buildings where the introduction week activities will take place.
  • Event: Unexpected Journey introduction week.

Article 1 – Participation

1.1 Students may only participate in the introduction week when they have been fully admitted to one of the participating programmes of Breda University of Applied Sciences’ Leisure & Events or Tourism programmes;

1.2 The cost of taking part in the introduction programme amount to € 135. This amount includes the following: participation in all programme elements, your own introduction t-shirt, various meals, transportation between sites during the programme and a place to spend the night.

1.3 Participants are required to wear the Unexpected Journey introduction t-shirt during the Unexpected Journey programme;

1.4 Admission to the introduction week is only permitted after valid registration and on the production of a valid id document;

1.5 During the introduction week a class of participants will be supervised by two or more senior students named ‘Hoppassen’;

1.6 Participants are obligated to take part in the entire programme of the introduction week. It is therefore not permitted to leave the introduction week early without explicit permission from the organisers. When a participant does not adhere to these rules, he or she will be excluded from further participation in the introduction week’s activities. There will be no refund of (part of) the registration fee;

1.7 External visitors are only allowed to the introduction sites when invited or permitted by the organisation. Breda University of Applied Sciences is not liable for theft of property and/or physical or mental injuries as a result of visiting Unexpected Journey. This also includes damage to the visitor’s hearing.

Article 2 – Agreement

As soon as registration has been paid and therefore has become final, the participant enters into an agreement with the introduction week’s organisation, as such the participant declares to be aware of and agrees to these terms and conditions.

Article 3 – Nutrition

Participants with certain allergies, diets or medical conditions should notify the organisation about their allergy/diet/medical condition prior to the introduction week. This information is requested in the registration form which should be completed in order to take part in the introduction week. Through these measures, we are able to offer meals for specific conditions/diets. When participants fail to inform the organisation about allergies and/or diets, the Breda University of Applied Science’s introduction week’s organisers cannot be held liable for any consequences.

Article 4 – Location

The introduction week will take place in and near Optisport Kunstijsbaan Breda located at the Terheijdenseweg 506, 4826 AB Breda. On-site the following conditions apply:

4.1 You have to stay at the event site or at the designated location. When you are outside of these areas the introduction week’s organisers have the authority to exclude you from further participation for the rest of the introduction week;

4.2 It is not permitted to close open doors or open closed doors without the organisers’ consent. Concierge facilities are an exception to this rule;

4.3 It is not permitted to move introduction week equipment to the event area without being assigned by the introduction week’s organisation;

4.4 It is not permitted to climb and/or stand on tables, benches or other furniture;

4.5 Using confetti/party poppers or other similar paper materials which you bring yourself is not permitted to prevent damage to the environment. When a participant does bring confetti/party poppers the organisation will seize these. Those who do use their own confetti will incur sanctions which will be determined by the introduction week’s organisers;

Article 5 – Payment

Participants register individually.

5.1 The entire amount should be transferred to the introduction week using an online payment prior to the introduction week;

5.2 When the entire amount has not been paid prior to the introduction week the registration will be invalid and the reserved spot will expire.

Article 6 – Cancellation

6.1 You may cancel your registration until 15 August 2022 to get a full refund. After this date, a refund of the registration fee is no longer possible when you decide not to take part in the introduction. An exception is made for students who cancel their application for Breda University of Applied Sciences in Studielink. They can cancel their registration until the day the introduction week starts.

6.2 The introduction week’s organisation reserves the right to cancel the introduction week. They are also the party who decides when it is a case of force majeure (see article 9) causing the introduction week to be cancelled. In both cases, the registration fee will not be refunded at that time.

Article 7 – Privacy

7.1 The introduction week’s organisation adheres to AVG legislation. For more information regarding AVG legislation, we would like to refer to

7.2 Unexpected Journey partners may, when permitted by the organisation, send a one-off email to the participants. Participants may indicate if they are interested in receiving an email on the registration form.

7.3 The participant agrees that his/her telephone number can be used prior to, during and after the introduction week. This telephone number will only be used for Unexpected Journey related purposes.

Article 8 – Being late

When a participant is late at the agreed location, the introduction week’s original programme will not be altered. The participant is not entitled to a refund of (part of) the registration fee.

Article 9 – Force Majeure

In certain circumstances, some programme elements or the entire introduction week may be cancelled due to force majeure. When the introduction week organisation deems these circumstances to be too dangerous it can be decided to cancel certain introduction week programme activities or the entire programme. In this case, the registration fee will not be refunded. This stipulation may concern circumstances such as social unrest, a severe disruption of law and order, legal prohibitions, a government authority mandate, emergency decrees, terrorism, extreme weather, etc. The introduction week’s organisation will decide in consultation with Breda University of Applied Sciences if force majeure applies.

Article 10 – Participation and exclusion

10.1 Following instructions

Due to safety, order and the course of the programme instructions from the organisers should always be followed by the participants. When a participant refuses to follow the instructions, the organisers are authorised to exclude the participant from further participation in the introduction week. In this case the participant is not entitled to a partial or full refund of the registration fee;

10.2 Assessment of participant’s fitness

10.2.1. Participants are and remain responsible for assessing their own fitness to take part in the introduction week;

10.2.2. The introduction week organisation is authorised to exclude (further) participation in the introduction week when the participant in question’s fitness is deemed to be a danger to him/herself or others.

10.3 Use of alcohol and/or drugs

10.3.1 The introduction week organisation is authorised to exclude (further) participation in the introduction week when the participant in question appears to be drunk or under the influence of drugs. The use and possession of drugs are not allowed. When someone is suspected to possess and/or use drugs the introduction week organisation is authorised to exclude this person from the (further) participation in the introduction week. This also applies to excessive use of alcohol;

10.3.2 It is not permitted for participants under the age of 18 to buy, receive and/or use alcohol. It is also not permitted to sell and/or provide alcohol to students under the age of 18.

Article 11 – Responsibility for the environment

Participants are obligated to handle classmates, fellow participants, the organisation of the introduction week and the locations with respect. Participants should make an effort to prevent damage to other people and/or locations at all times.

Article 12 – Damages to possessions, clothing and footwear

12.1 Participants have the opportunity to leave personal possessions at the location in the sleeping tents. This is however at the risk of the participant. The introduction week organisation will make an effort to keep the possessions secure. The organisation, however, does not keep track of items which have been handed in nor is it liable for any damage or missing items.

12.1.1 The organisation does not accept liability for the theft of and/or damages to personal possessions. You bring valuables to the week at your own risk. A limited number of lockers is present. There is room to leave your personal possessions in the place where you spend the night. You cannot leave your possessions in any location than the event site.

12.2 The introduction week organisation is not liable for damages or loss of personal possessions. Wearing or possession of items such as jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, telephones etc is entirely at the risk of the participant.

12.3 Participants should wear suitable clothing and footwear. Damage to clothing and footwear is at the participant’s risk.

12.4 When the participant accepts these terms and conditions, he/she declares to accept these risks.

Article 13 – Liability for damages in case of accidents

Taking part in the introduction week is entirely at your own risk. The introduction week organisation cannot be held liable for any injuries incurred while taking part in and/or visiting the introduction week. Taking part in the introduction week is not completely void of risks. A participant should be aware that injury is possible. The organisation will do its utmost to prevent any injuries but the risk can never be completely eliminated. Due to the event’s nature, it is extremely important that the introduction week participants adhere to the stipulations in article 10.1 in order to prevent injury. Unless it is a case of malice or intent, the organisation of the introduction week and Breda University of Applied Sciences are not liable for any kind of damages including consequential damages suffered by the organisation of the introduction week and/or participants as a consequence of accidents which take place during the entire programme, the construction and/or deconstruction.

Article 14 – Determination of damages

14.1 The participant is liable for damages caused by the action or lack of action of the participant as far as these damages can be attributed to him or her. This is for instance the case when materials provided by the introduction week organisation are damaged or lost, the location’s inventory is damaged or when there are damages to third parties for which the organisation will be held liable. In case of intent and/or severe negligence, Breda University of Applied Sciences maintains the right to claim damages to its property from those who have caused or were responsible for said damage. This also includes the abuse of fire alarms or damage to fire prevention materials. In case of theft, police will be notified.

14.2 Breda University of Applied Sciences cannot be held liable for damages to participants’ or visitors’ possessions.

Article 15 – Calamities and emergencies

In case of a calamity, the evacuation plan will be put into action.

15.1 Participants should follow this plan and introduction week organisers’ instructions immediately. When the participant fails to do this, all damages incurred will be claimed from the participant as far as these damages can be attributed to the participant.

15.2 In the event of a calamity, instructions of both BUas first responders from emergency services should be followed at all times. Therefore, participants always need to be vigilant for possible calamities.

15.3 When a participant notices a situation which could turn into a problem, he or she should report this immediately to one of the staff members and/or the organisation.

Article 16 – Use of images and recordings

It is possible that pictures will be taken and video will be recorded during the introduction week. By agreeing to the terms and conditions participants declare that they consent with the possible use by Breda University of Applied Sciences for marketing and communication purposes.

Article 17 – (Electronic) smoking

Breda University of Applied Sciences has a non-smoking policy on its own grounds. This policy also applies to the introduction week. (Electronic) smoking is only permitted in the designated areas. The introduction week organisers are authorised to exclude those who smoke in other locations than the places designated by the organisation from (further) participation and to remove them from the event site.

Article 18 – Use of smoke, sound and lighting effects

During the events smoke, sound and lighting effects may be used. A participant should be aware of this and consent to any possible risks resulting from this.