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Can’t wait to take part in Unexpected Journey 2023? Then register quickly by completing the steps below. Participation in Unexpected Journey 2023 costs €160. This amount includes your participation in the programme, various meals, your own introduction shirt, and transport between the introduction locations. The only additional costs are the drinks and snacks you order during the introduction. You can register for the introduction until Monday 14 August 2023 at the latest. Below the registration process, also read who can participate in Unexpected Journey.

The Unexpected Journey registration process consists of two parts (payment and registration):


  1. Go to or click this link;
  2. For language click English;
  3. Log in using your student number and password (check Frequently Asked Questions if you do not know where to find these);
  4. Enter Unexpected Journey in the search bar and click the magnifying glass;
  5. Click on the Add button next to Unexpected Journey and subsequently on Continue;
  6. Then fill in your personal details under address and check your desired method of payment. Click continue at the bottom of the page. Next you can place your order and you will be forwarded to your chosen bank’s website;
  7. After completing your payment, you will receive an email to confirm this in your student email inbox. This confirmation will include a link to the registration form. Did you not receive a confirmation email? Then also check your student email’s spam inbox. Can’t find a confirmation email there either? Send an email to;


  • Complete the entire registration form. After completing this form, you will receive a confirmation email in the inbox of the email address you have provided in the registration form.
  • Your registration is complete when you have received both confirmation emails! In the run up to Unexpected Journey 2023 you will receive an email with more practical information.

Note: only when you have gone through all these steps (so both payment and registration) will you be able to participate in Unexpected Journey 2023.

Who may participate in Unexpected Journey?

You can take part in Unexpected Journey when you meet all the enrolment criteria of your BUas programme. Students in the following programmes can take part in Unexpected Journey:

Academy for Leisure & Events:

  • Leisure & Events Management – regular bachelor’s students as well as compact-track students
  • Bachelor of Science Leisure Studies  
  • Pre-master Leisure and Tourism Studies
  • Master of Science Leisure and Tourism Studies

Academy for Tourism:

  • AD Tourism Management
  • Tourism Management – regular bachelor’s students as well as compact-track students
  • Bachelor of Science Tourism

The Master’s in Tourism Destination Management and Master’s in Strategic Events Management programmes organise their own introduction programmes. Students of these programmes will receive a separate email about this from their programme coordinators. Is your programme not listed here? Then check the BUas website to see or which introduction you can register.