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Food and drinks

During Unexpected Journey the organisation will offer various meals. These are included in the participation fee. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday you will receive breakfast. On top of that, you will be served lunch and dinner on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A beverage is included for breakfast and lunch. Additional beverages may be bought at the bars. There is also the possibility to purchase separate snacks on site.

We think that good and nutritious meals are important. Do you have an allergy and/or diet that we need to take into account? Do mention this on your sign-up sheet when your register. Have you already registered and forgotten to notify us? Then email Our Chef Special (a senior student) will ensure, together with our Food & Beverages team, that you will receive suitable alternative meals.

Sanitary faculties

Unexpected Journey will ensure that there are sufficient lavatories, showers and sinks in and near the Kunstijsbaan. Do take into account that showers will be shared with other introduction week participants. Men and women will have separate facilities. So do not forget to take your swimming or bathing gear and perhaps flip-flops. There is also a bathroom for the disabled at the Kunstijsbaan.

Sleeping tent

All participants will spend the night at the Unexpected Journey site. Together with other participants, you will sleep in large tents on the site. Do bring a sleeping bag, a (single) mat or air bed and a pillow! Because we want to ensure everyone’s safety it is not possible to spend the night elsewhere during the introduction week.


There are free lockers available at the Kunstijsbaan where you may store your valuables.

Mobile phone charging stations

Mobile phone charging stations have been created on-site where you may charge your phone for free.