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For parents/guardians

Starting a new degree is not just a significant change in the life of the (prospective) student, but also in the life of the parents or guardians. A new institute, new people, a new city and possibly also a new place to live. A new phase of live has started.

Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) feels it is important to support students in these changes. The Unexpected Journey introduction week is a crucial element because it optimally prepares students for the start of their studies. It is our first priority to introduce students in a safe, accessible and pleasant way to their new classmates and fellow students, the institute and the city of Breda.

In order to achieve this a team of BUas staff and students have been preparing this introduction week for months. To ensure quality and safety only professional partners are used. This introduction is not a hazing where students are forced to do things against their will.

A lot of information regarding Unexpected Journey can be found on this website. Should you have additional questions you may obviously contact us.