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Unexpected Journey 2022 is organised in and around the Optisport Kunstijsbaan Breda (Terheijdenseweg 506, 4826 AB Breda). This site will be the home base where a large number of the activities will take place and where all participants and the crew will spend the night.

Part of the programme will take place at other locations, such as the BUas campus and the centre of Breda. Participants will use shuttle buses to travel between the various locations.

Travelling to Unexpected Journey

Public transport
The Kunstijsbaan can be easily reached using public transportation. The Regenbeemd bus stop is located within two minutes’ walking distance from the Kunstijsbaan. From Breda Central Station various buses can take you to the Regenbeemd bus stop in five to ten minutes. Always check the before using public transportation or download the 9292 app from the Appstore for the latest timetable.

The Kunstijsbaan is an approximately ten-minute bike ride away from Breda’s Central Station and about 15 minutes cycling from the centre of Breda. Are you coming by bicycle? If so, this can be stored at the Kunstijsbaan in the purposefully created bike storage facility.

Kiss & Ride
Are you catching a ride from someone who drives you to Unexpected Journey? In that case, you can use the Kiss & Ride which will be set up at the Kunstijsbaan.

We recommend using the aforementioned methods to travel to Unexpected Journey. Should you come with your car which needs to be parked? Then do take into account that there are no available parking spaces near the Kunstijsbaan. You may park your car at the parking lot across the street from Makro Breda (Konijnenberg 92, 4825 Breda). From there it is about an eight-minute walk to the Kunstijsbaan. Leaving your car there is at your own risk.

Shared scooters
Are you taking a shared scooter to get to the introduction site? Then only park this in the appropriate storage location.