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Unexpected Journey is organised every year in the week prior to the first week of lectures. This year, the introduction week will take place from Tuesday 29 August up to and including Friday 1 September 2023.
The programme aims to introduce you to your fellow students and classmates, BUas and the city of Breda. Unexpected Journey is the best way to start your time as a student in Breda! In the week before the introduction week, you will receive an e-mail with practical information and the final times of when the programme starts and ends.

Tuesday 29 August

Unexpected Journey @BUas campus 
You will start your Unexpected Journey with your registration on the campus of Breda University of Applied Sciences. There, among other things, you will receive your introduction shirt and get to meet your classmates for the first time. Here you will leave your personal belongings, which will then be taken to the introduction location by us.

During the on-campus programme you will get to know your classmates through various fun activities. In the afternoon you will have lunch together with your fellow students. You will also be introduced to your study coach and you will find out what the campus has to offer. Next, you and your classmates will be taken to Camping Tulderheyde by shuttle bus.

Time to get ready for the first party evening. And what better way to do this than enjoying the best music while having a refreshing drink and a hot meal together with all other participants.

Party night
Feel like a party? The first Unexpected Journey party night promises to be a huge event. The introduction will be officially opened after which a night full of awesome live music will kick off. Keep an eye on our social media if you are curious about which performers will be at the introduction. In the period leading up to the event this will be where we will announce a few of the artists!

Wednesday 30 August

Sports and games day
The second day of Unexpected Journey starts with a joint breakfast. Then it’s time to compete against other classes during the sports and game day. You and your classmates will take part in a competition with all kinds of fun and challenging activities. What’s more, you will get to know all kinds of Breda-based organisations and the partners of Unexpected Journey.

Beach & pool party
In need of refreshment after your sporting efforts? No problem at our outdoor beach & pool party. Cool down and take a dip in the swimming pond or find a quiet spot on the beach to relax.

Musical evening programme
After you have enjoyed your meal, a musical evening programme is planned. What exactly you will do, we will keep a secret for now.

Thursday 31 August

Festival morning and afternoon
After a hearty breakfast, it is the ideal day to join your fellow students in various (group) activities. Enjoy different performers or play cool games with your classmates and fellow students.

Mystery programme
We will not tell you about this part of the programme. But trust us, it will be one of the highlights of your Unexpected Journey!

Themed party
Allow yourself to be surprised by the themed party. Various popular DJs will provide an evening full of entertainment. So do not forget to bring your themed outfit! The theme of the evening will be announced on our social media channels prior to the introduction week.

Friday 1 September

Power Hour
In the morning, there will be one more time to recharge for the last day of your Unexpected Journey. We will make sure you are full of energy. We will conclude the programme at Camping Tulderheyde and then take shuttle buses back to Breda.

Pub crawl
The shuttle buses will take you to Breda city centre. Here you will discover Breda’s nightlife on an afternoon filling pub crawl. At the end of the pub crawl, there is the possibility to collect your luggage at the campus of Breda University of Applied Sciences.